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Our ALP Artists Training programs we aim at encouraging professionals to get acquainted with the arts of creation, active listening, leadership and interpersonal communication. Participants of our workshops walk out with an enhanced drive towards innovation, improved communication skills and a pro-active attitude towards success. 


Our work groups may be as big as 10.000 people to as small as 3 individuals, and our work is always tailored to the needs of our client, as well as to their human resources developmental targets and potential.

"Orchestra conductors are outstanding leaders. Jazz musicians are dynamic innovators. Theater actors are enviable communicators. Chamber musicians are vital pieces of a whole. ALP Corporate extrapolates these and other elements from the arts and gives business professionals tools to learn them, practice them and make them meaningful in their work life" 


-- Giorgia Ghizzoni, ALP Conductor,




“...I have so much to say about how I felt and still feel after the workshop that I wrote and rewrote trying to find the right words. Finally I realized it is irrelevant. The way ALP works is completely unique and individual to the person experiencing it. Which makes it hard for someone else to understand the true significance of what ALP can do. It depends on where you are in your life, what you feel like in that moment and how willing you are to let go and do the exercises.


..."I would encourage others to attend the class and find out for themselves what it is all about because I left as a better version of myself, and since then have been highly motivated, confident, more efficient, more focused and less stressed with worry”Emili Losier, Soprano (Sibelius Academy)

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