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GO FOR IT! Programs

We offer workshops, courses and performances/events in various formats according to the needs and conditions of our clients. Companies and organizations invite us for ALP workshops and courses where we learn, to play, perform and integrate the tools to connect employees, give departments the ability to work as a team, and produce a creative and attentive work environment.


We know playfulness leads to higher productivity. We practice playfulness as a goal unto itself, not only as the means to an end. Using the ALP Approach, “music” comes back to every situation, and with the ALP Tools everyone is able to sustain it.


Creating Playgrounds within well-established organizations and companies directly funds our work with Playgrounds in challenged communities of few resources, low-income schools, and refugee camps around the world.


We work with communities around the world and train local teams with ALP Tools to adopt Playfulness through mindfulness mindset, 

effective communication (nonverbal, nonviolent) with the goal of bringing the practice to an associated larger community. Fostering innovative growth, resilience and creativity.

"...playing is simple but not always easy. What if we start with changing the word 'practice' with 'play', in music - we learn to always play music practice is a given."


With families we teach playfulness as social attribute of mindfulness through the art of music and performance.

Each Active Listening Playground workshops is crafted as an hands-on events designed to bring together families to establish a new trust through connecting our senses and regain the mindset child-like inspired by the "beginner's mind" a mindset of openness, eagerness, creative, engage and free of judgement


Families very much life a seed of any community can benefit from effective communication. 


We work with companies who look into the future and understand that with playfulness and effective communication the world is truly one big playground that we can all benefit from and share.

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