Founded by interdisciplinary composer, conductor & educator Composing Community Global Organization is dedicated to teach playfulness through the art of music. 


In our programs we create situations where serious playfulness can be learned, performed and produced always, at all levels, as we believe that a playfulness mindset being the social application of mindfulness produces creativity, resilience, empathetic connection, and sustainable growth for individuals and larger communities.  


The Active Listening Playground is our 'performative stage' the safe environment necessary for producing the type of communication needed for a healthy and effective relationships individuals, for communities and for the world. Using Reflexive Music and the ALP Method, play arises – accessible to everyone, at any time, within any condition. 

In our process we compose communities with invoking playfulness to create a cultures of innovation. With the ALP tools we can achieve sustainable playfulness that develops creativity, empathy and social connection within a group.


The ALP Approach can be applied to any time-space-condition. Participants can be of any age and come from any background. A group might consist of just 2 people, or it might include 10,000 people

In music to practice &

is to play  – so how about start playing instead of 

practicing life...



Composer, conductor, performer, group facilitator, and creator of Reflexive Music, Keren Rosenbaum began her music education at the age of 7. She moved to The Hague at the age of 21 to study composition, electronic music and music education in the Tel Aviv Academy with Arik Shapira & Leon Schidlowsky, in the Royal Academy with Louis Andriessen & Gilius van Bergeijk and completed her Masters in Brooklyn College under Amnon Walman & Tania Leon.
In 1999 Keren curated the first interdisciplinary music festival and founded the REFLEX Ensemble, a worldwide community of musicians and artists that gained world recognition for their unique exhibitions, workshops, and ongoing performances of Reflexive Music. Often described by both listeners and performers as "passionately inventive" and "on the edge," Reflexive Music has given rise to the Active Listening Playground (ALP) methodology.
In 2013 Rosenbaum founded the Composing Community Global Organization. Home to the Reflexive Music Academy, it was dedicated to teach and spread Reflexive Music through Active Listening tools that helped foster positive connections, creativity, and innovation with at Al Akhawayn University, Ifran; Tel Aviv University, The Arts University, Helsinki; WE ACT, The Goethe Institute, Chelsea Art Museum, NY; Musicians without Borders and the Peace Corps to name a few.
After witnessing the impact her music and methodology had on innovative communications and sustainable community growth, Keren decided to unleash it on one of the areas that need it most today - the work environment. (Executive Playground Initiative)

© 2000 by Keren Rosenbaum / Reflex Ensemble