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ALP Morocco - Event



6th of December

ALP Introduction Workshop - Level 1

with Isabel Eddouks organized by the Club Great Debaters INPT, INPT Institut National des Postes et Télécommunications, Rabat, Morocco


9th-14th of November

Decomposing Audience

with Hamza El Fasiki at Sharjah Book Fair, United Arab Emirates



5th-8th of November

I-Note and I-Choir Workshops

with Hamza El Fasiki at Djart transcultural and interdisciplinary event, Algeria




31st of October

ALP Internal meeting

with Layla Triqui, Louay Benabdelaali and Isabel Eddouks concerning the status quo of the film for the Goethe Institute. Planning for the editing of a new documentation, including the development of Composing Community global organization.


14th of October

ALP Introduction Workshop - Level 1

with Isabel Eddouks at the ENACTUS Morocco Opening Weekend, INPT - L' institut National des Postes et Télécommunications, Rabat, Morocco


6th-13th of September

Active Music Workshop

with Hamza El Fasiki, East-West Camp, Izmir, Turkey


September 6-13-2014

Decomposing Audience (ALP Inspired)

with Hamza El Fasiki, East-West Camp, Izmir, Turkey


July 19-2014

ALP Train the Trainer workshop

with Hamza El Fasiki, Louay Benabdelaali and Isabel Eddouks for the foundation Hassan II in Kenitra.


April 2014

Composing Community student club

at Université Ibn Toufail, Kenitra


28th of March 20142

ALP introduction workshop

animated by Isabel Eddouks in cooperation with “American Peace Corps” at Dar Chabab (Kenitra/Saknia).


22nd of March 2014 2

ALP introduction workshop

animated by Isabel Eddouks in cooperation with “Maroc Leaders” at a college Zanabil Al Khair in Kenitra.


15th of February 2014

ALP introduciton workshop

animated by Hamza El Fasiki, Louay Benaabdelaali and Isabel Eddouks at Dar ElFatat (Fez) with 40 girls which are either orphans or abandoned children in cooperation with “Teach My Girl”


15th of February 2014

Conference organized by  “Association des élèves ingénieurs  FST-Fès”  

about “Creativity” with Isabel Eddouks (Faculté des Sciences et Techniques Fès)


18th of January 2014, Final of “Lycée Abdelmalek got Talent competition with Isabel Eddouks talking about “Talent, Inspiration and Creativity” in Kénitra


1st of January 2014

Decomposing Audience (ALP Inspired) 

by Hamza El Fasiki at Attawjih Camp in Rabat


21st of December 2013

TEDxAlquaraouiyineAve conference

in Fez with Louay Benaabdelaali alias Baba Louay talking about his experience on

the ALP


21st of December 2013

ALP Training - Level1

with Isabel Eddouks at “Théatre de l´Opprimé-Rabat” with Marike Minnema.


10th of December 2013

ALP Game Master Conference

Meeting with Hamza Labrinssi and Yassir Labrinssi from Highness Digital in Kénitra.


7th of December 2013

Decomposing Audience ALP Inspired 

by Hamza El Fasiki at Student Ambassadors for Peace event in Fez


7th of December 2013

TEDxKÉNITRA conference, 13.30h Western European Time

Isabel Eddouks (alias Umm Zakaria)

TEDtalk: “STOP talking about creativity, GO create! - Active Listening Playground”

Live Stream via http://tedxkenitra.com/


26th of November 2013

Brainstorming about Active Listening Playground at Al Akhawayn University  Ifrane, Morocco.

Hamza El Fasiki, Ahmed Loudiyi, Shaimaa Sabiriy


18th of November 2013

ALP Follow up Meeting the teachers of École Ibn Al Abass the school where the first ALP in Morocco  took place in September. Having coffee, talking about the workshop and resuming the experiences. Great exchange about how the ALP tools found their place in the everyday class life. Amazing feeling, that the ALP left a big amount of inspiration and planted seeds for new ideas.


14th of November

ALP Conductor Isabel Eddouks meeting Marike Minnema, director of Theatre de l´Opprimé. Brainstorming about the ALP and upcoming cooperations.


2nd of November 2013

ALP Introduction Workshop - Level 1

with Isabel Eddouks at ENACTUS Morocco Opening Seminar, Ecole Mohammadia des Ingenieurs, Rabat.


6th October 2013

Game Master meeting, Rabat

Louay Benabdelaali, Layla Triqui, Dr. Nadia Sabri, Khaled Hissi, Lail Moqaddem, Nadine Müseler, Isabel Eddouks

Reflecting the ALP experience of Ecole Ibn Al Abass. Talking about the experiences, drinking coffee, playing the flute, reading poems, imaginating the future of ALP´s in Morocco.


12 - 20th September 2013

Active Listening Playground Workshop with Keren Rosenbaum

Kénitra, Morocco


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Ted Kenitra.png




Our ALP Conductor and founder of ALP Morocco TED Talk in Kenitra 2013 Isabel Eddouks 


Our ALP Conductor Hamza El Fasiki who has been an inspiration to us all, creating project such  as Decomposing Audience, The ALC-ALIF Music Club