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.."One of our biggest fans was a young boy who initially expressed disruptive behavior in the workshop. While his actions may have seemed quite violent, it is worth considering whether they could be seen as normal in response to the unpredictability and stress of living as a refugee in a completely new country and considering what he might have been through before arriving to The Netherlands. Once our trainers and trainees found a way to communicate and connect with him (mostly through drawing) the change in him was significant. The game ‘I paint, you sing’ took on a wonderful new meaning. He would be the first to greet us in the center and joined the activities in his own way, even helping out the workshop leader here and there, and he would be the last to wave us goodbye". - Anna Swinkels, project manager (2016 MWB Community Music Leader Training, using the Reflexive Etude I PAINT = YOU SING)

..."The ALP workshop managed to provoke something inside me from a totally different perspective than what I am used to. It made me recognize my own insecurities and by challenging them broaden my limits. Who knew that playfulness could be so powerful! Can’t wait to take part in another workshop by Giorgia and see what happens next” — Riikka Lustig, Marketing Student from Hanken School of Economics." (2012)


..."It's been 2 years since I participated in the ALP Training in Kenitra, I still can not explain what it is but I know I can not stop talking about" (Baba Louey ALP Morocco Game Master 2013)


"...I didn't know what to expect from the ALP-workshop but I decided to go there open-minded and find out how can it help me. I am extremely glad I did go since it turned out to be not only fun but extremely useful to observe, how I feel deep inside and how could I let go of the fears that block me in my everyday life. The next day I felt brave and confident. Thank you! " — Erika Kontkanen, student of design management, Aalto University (IDBM program 2013)

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