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We create situations where people and communities can engage in a creative process named: 

Active Listening Playground


With the ALP Academy founded by Composing Community we are dedicated to spread and practice the ALP Discipline.  ALP Tools invites students to engage in an innovative process that inspires change of perspectives, promotes design thinking and bring words into action. 


ALP Mindset brings new trust between individuals and community, divert the focus on the plan to the planning, and brings an awareness  by engaging the moment.  The "Right Now!" becomes a powerful invitation to play and produce culture. When we activate our listening we become 'Reflexive Listeners' and it is exactly at that moment we can begin to experience a new trust between individuals, communities and the world.




Have the aim of getting the wannabe community members acquainted with our Active Listening tools, and to practice them on a personal and group level.



Amplify the concepts of the workshops in that, within a structured chaos composition, they create a safe environment for our trainees to reach out to their surrounding community with an Active Listening approach.




The magic of both of the above is that for an insider they feel like fun and comfort-zone expanding games to play, while if looked at from the outside they appear as mind blowing  works of art.




"... ALP changed the way i used to see this world. it sharpened my mind and gave me a proper way of solving problems and living in a society" (ALP Rwanda, 2015)  




ALP Academy workshops are available in:

USA, Finland, Germany, Morocco, Rwanda, and Israel.

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