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Helsinki 2012
A Reflexive Music composition
Composed and created by
Keren Rosenbaum

By triggering people to play the Opera-Game, true creativity sparks for us, as we become players, observers we advance through the 4 levels of the game and become Game-Masters. An Opera is drama, has grandeur and always had a function of telling people a story about their lives and yet it is also distant and old fashioned, something you either hate or fall in love with.


Unlike traditional Opera, an Opera-Game is a fresh and exciting format to create an OPERA. The Opera-Game is an innovative Musical Score, created by composer Keren Rosenbaum in a style she developed which became known as The REFLEX Invisible Score discipline.

The Opera-Game was created as part of the ALP Events global projects.  This innovative active listening playgrounds strive to inspire a safe environment which brings out an authentic listening experience, echoing and reflecting personal thoughts and self-expression and original creativity. Each individual can experience their personal contribute to a community while being inspired to contribute more. It’s a process of growth. 


Inspired, provoked and guided to “play for real” with the REFLEX Game-Masters team moves the plot forward. The atmosphere will travel between poetic to ridiculous from fear to hope with the input of the audience involved. The first Opera-Game commissioned by ExClaM! In 2012 ( and the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki was dedicated to major changes that the city municipal imposed on the academies, combining all three institutions as the New Art University. The merger received with frustration and fear by many, was the perfect opportunity to experiment composing a community.


The success of the Opera-Game CAFETERIA played by more than 500 people in the 3 cafeterias of the main academies, planted the seeds to greater community interdisciplinary future collaborations. The game was played by professionals REFLEX Game-Masters, students, faculty members, cafeteria employees as well as cleaning personals and random people passing through. It was a spectacle of human creativity at its best.

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