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ALP Education 

"I didn't know what to expect from the ALP-workshop but I decided to go there open-minded and find out how can it help me. I am extremely glad I did go since it turned out to be not only fun but extremely useful to observe, how I feel deep inside and how could I let go of the fears that block me in my everyday life. The next day I felt brave and confident. Thank you! " — Erika Kontkanen, student of design management, Aalto University (IDBM program)

“The ALP workshop managed to provoke something inside me from a totally different perspective than what I am used to. It made me recognize my own insecurities and by challenging them broaden my limits. Who knew that playfulness could be so powerful! Can’t wait to take part in another workshop by Giorgia and see what happens next” — Riikka Lustig, Marketing Student from Hanken School of Economics


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