© 2013 by Keren Rosenbaum / Reflex Ensemble

Playfulness is not lost,

it's just hiding...


Composing Community is dedicated to create a world where people reconnect with their senses by rediscovering thier playfulness.
We strive to create music-inspired tools that helps everybody, regardless of prior musical background, to connect, trust and expand the use of their senses.
We produce workshops and events where playfulness can be learned, practiced and performed at all levels.

"... ALP changed the way i used to see this world. it sharpened my mind and gave me a proper way of solving problems and living in a society" 
- Shyaka Allison / ALP Rwanda / MWB 

"The power of sustaining your beat in a world of conflicting rhythms"

- Cafeteria Operagame / Helsinki


..."I have been to many experimental concerts in my life, as this is my field of research, and never have I heard so many questions. Isn’t this the responsibility of an artist to reach out in some way to excite or even incite people enough that they care enough to once again ask questions? I congratulate you Keren for your courage and urge you to continue on. Thank you for your incredible spirit and your continued gifts of generosity through your artistic brilliance"

 - Theresa Sauer, Director / Author of Notations21 Project, NY, USA, Article