is not lost,

     it's just hiding...



 We are dedicated to
create a world where
playfulness is rediscovered 
through our senses
We believe Playfulness is the
social application of Mindfulness
We teach playfulness through 
 the art of music to form a new trust
that is needed in order to
compose thriving communities

..."I have been to many experimental concerts in my life, as this is my field of research, and never have I heard so many questions. Isn’t this the responsibility of an artist to reach out in some way to excite or even incite people enough that they care enough to once again ask questions? I congratulate you Keren for your courage and urge you to continue on. Thank you for your incredible spirit and your continued gifts of generosity through your artistic brilliance"

 - Theresa Sauer, Director / Author of Notations21 Project, NY, USA, Article

Active Listening Playground Morocco
A Documentary by Layla Triqui

ALP Morocco Project composed & conducted by Keren Rosenbaum

With Isabel Eddouks & the ALP

Morocco Game-Masters
Kenitra, 2012



Composed by: Keren Rosenbaum

Commissioned & Produced by EXCLUM

with The Arts University, Sibelius Academy, Helsinki, Finland


...keeping a beat

   in a world of